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  • Dominic Quantrill

And they're off!

Gfinity esports F1

We headed to the Gfinity Arena last week to experience the first of the 2019 Formula 1 Esports Pro Series.

This was a slick production, broadcast live on Sky Sports, with top class presenters, expert panel and stunning set design. The series is sponsored by New Balance, with drivers from the 10 teams duly sporting their NB trainers and sim racing socks.

The branding of the event was well judged, with the DHL branding along with Heineken’s presence in the VIP areas, giving the authenticity and connection to the main race series. Chatting to the F1 people at the event this is an important part of their long term strategy for youth engagement with F1 racing overall.

Some interesting angles being openly discussed, such as live racing alongside sim cars as an ambition that could happen when the technology is available.

The quality of Gfinity's tournament organisation was spot on, and F1 deserve credit for the clear investment they have poured into this Series.

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