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  • Dominic Quantrill

Letters from Bologna

Thanks to Lamborghini I was delighted to have paid a visit to Bologna last week.

The automotive industry here is dominated by Lamborghini, Ducati, Pagani and Ferrari. Having spent the day at Sant’Agata, the Home of Lamborghini, it’s amazing to note that they have no circuit to test their cars, instead they use the local roads around the factory to give their new cars a shakedown. They employ 12 drivers to take newly made cars for a 50km drive around the local area. The Lamborghini factory can produce 12 Huracán cars per day and six Aventadors per day. So the lucky test drivers get to earn their keep!

There are at least 1billion students here (or at least that's what it feels like). As a result the city feels super young despite its architecture being pretty old. They are the best fed students ever!

Food here is really very good indeed, the passion for pasta is evident in every trattoria and bar in the city. Tortellini that I have been inhaling is nothing short of historic (copyright Michael Winner RIP). The student population (and me) can feast on exquisite slices of handmade pizza for the princely sum of €2.

Halloween - it’s a big thing. Hordes of marauding ghouls and monsters under 1 metre high pour into the shops and stores demanding treats - the obliging staff hand over sweets and pasta - even the Gucci stores pass sugary delights over the counter to squealing zombie children.

It really is a lovely place, and I will be delighted to go back again soon - maybe with the family in tow as Lamborghini are launching their Supercar SUV next month - can pile the family in now!

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