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Europe’s most exciting exponents of electronic music and live events are hiring in their global Head Quarters in Barcelona.

elrowFamily are looking for a Director Global Operations to power the movement of their team to their global destinations, ensuring each and every event, festival and residency is delivered with passion, innovative flair and ruthless efficiency. Collaborating with the leadership team the challenge is to build high performance strategies to improve the logistics of all the events resulting in the best experiences for elrowFamily’s fans and stakeholders.

2017 will see elrow entertaining 2million fans at over 120 shows in 77 cities around the world, and with that comes over 1200 DJs, 1500 actors, 1000 stilt walkers - and a lot of confetti! As elrow continues to grow it’s crucial that the team’s operations are cost effective, rigorously measured and improved. The Director will manage global budgets and regional capital investments with competency, innovation and skill. To accomplish the ambitious growth plans it’s crucial that best practices are established throughout the organisation and communicated across the business with strong leadership and an unwavering focus.

If you are a leader in the world of live events, orchestrating the moves of many to accomplish the best experiences then, maestro, we would like to invite you to see our Family in action with a view to changing the face of experiential and immersive electronic music events.

Get in touch for a detailed chat with Dominic at The Quantrill Partnership on 07711 715180 or

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