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Kodak Kodakery Brand Licensing

The name and logo evoke memories of family photo albums, Super 8 film and of course the advertising slogan that’s made its way into the lexicon of today - the ‘Kodak moment’.

Its brand is still well known to those of a certain era, but the question is, what is Kodak doing now?

Quite a lot as it happens. Acquired by Blackstone Capital in 2013 it has undergone a period of transformation and change under the stewardship of Jeff Clarke, the CEO. It is a technology company that’s focusing on imaging. It’s doing that directly as well as with innovative partners, taking advantage of the significant R&D facility in Rochester NY where they are making big advancements in tech.

The other part of the Kodak story is the film business. Recently relaunching the Super 8 camera (analogue meets digital meets analogue!) it’s captured the imagination of Hollywood with evangelists such as JJ Abrams, Tarantino, Nolan et al endorsing the Kodak film business and the revamped Super 8.

Recently the brand has partnered with Bullitt to produce a camera phone of superior quality. The Ektra is the first genuine photography-led smart phone, and in December, Londoners were given the opportunity to try it out at the Kodakery, the company’s pop up space in Soho.

We have completed a series of global licensing hires for Kodak, taking top people from a range of industries who bring significant expertise to grow the international license business. We are now engaged in the second phase of hiring. To discuss your Kodak moment get in touch.

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